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Who we are

MaxShield  Insutech Technologies strives to bring innovative technologies and products to the building industry with excellent customer service. It is constantly and successfully developing specialized thermal insulation solutions and thanks to its expertise and long experience.

MaxShield Insutech Technologies is established in the customer’s conscience as a company with reliability, knowledge and experience in very broad field of insulation.

The adequate insulation of all buildings is an issue of great importance. The problems stem from the insufficient and incomplete insulations or because of poor selection of products which have an effect on the building structures. When these appear, the poor quality of the air inside the rooms, the thermal discomfort, the increased humidity is some of the major side effects. Thus, having a successful insulation with                        ” Vinsumax ” products. The structural elements of construction are protected by a remarkable way, therefore improving the quality of healthy inhabiting.

MaxShield Insutech Technologies teams delivers range of value-added resources and in depth of construction industry experience to Architects, Green Building consultants, contractors and clients.

  • Assisting professionals in product selection, specification, installation and related technology.
  • Attending pre-design meetings, field evaluations and application problem solving on a project by project basis.
  • Providing proper support on pre installation instructions and methods for achieving best quality results.

MaxShield Insutech Technologies offers an extensive line of Green product systems providing an environmental friendly, sustainable “ GREEN BUILDINGS “. Also the points can be obtained to Green building projects based on Energy saving, material and indoor environmental quality.

The Unique Benefits

  • Outstanding Performance: Exfoliated Vermiculite and minerals have been used to improve the insulation and durability for decades. The synergy of exfoliated vermiculite and minerals together has been proven in Vinsumax boards for long life and better performance, eventually improving the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Superior Weatherability and Durability: Vinsumax boards provide a high level of resistance to high temperature and thermal shock. They present no risk to health and do not contain asbestos, mineral fibres or glass. The boards also exhibit high compressive strength and strong resistance to algae and fungi growth.
  • Quick Return To Service : Vinsumax boards is easily installed to a clean and sound surface. The process is quick and easy – the board installed floor can be protected with cement tiles and returned to service immediately.
  • Ease Of Application : Vinsumax  boards are simple and rapid to apply. The product composition allows for easy cutting, drilling and screwing on site using ordinary wood-working tools. No special machines are required.
  • Very Low Maintenance : Just replace the mechanically damaged boards and no special care is required.
  • Environmentally Responsible : Choosing “ Green “ products that are safe for workers and the environment is a priority for most building designers today. Vinsumax products are carefully produced with the materials that does not contain any harmful chemical substances.   

Our Products