Vinsumax Eco

Vinsumax ECO

Agricultural Waste Materials Based Thermal Insulation Board


Vinsumax Eco board is a superior grade environmental friendly insulation board. Manufactured from  agricultural wastes, such as rice hulls, coconut husk, grass powder, exfoliated vermiculite and additives with special inorganic binder.The board has excellent mechanical and thermal insulation properties. This is extremely innovative for the building sector and thanks to its considerable insulation properties. The Thermal conductivity K value W/mk – 0.063 as per ASTM C 518-15


  • Specially formulated for tropical climate grade
  • Tough and durable
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Good resistance to ageing
  • Provides long energy efficiency
  • Easy to apply


Field of Application

Used for providing  good thermal insulation for indoor under deck and outdoor roof applications such as:

  • Commercial buildings – IT complex, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, institutions
  • Residential buildings –  Apartments, houses


Product Unit Vinsumax ECO Vinsumax V2
Thickness MM 10, 25 10, 25
Size: Width X Length MM 600 X 600, 600 X 1200 600 X 600, 600 X 1200
Weight Kg 850-900 Kg/m³ 800-850 kg/m³
Colour Natural Brown ( high colour variations are expected )