Coola SD

Perlite with Fibre Reinforcement Heat Insulation Tiles

Cooola tilesis a superior gradeenvironmental friendly cooling tiles. Manufactured from Perlite, exfoliated vermiculite and selected aggregates withwhite cement binders.It is ahomogeneous and solidtiles has excellent mechanical and thermal insulation properties. This is extremely innovative for the building sector and thanks to its considerable insulation properties.Our cooling roof tiles on the roof of building can reduce inside ceiling temperature by 10°C – 15°C. The product is manufactured to last a lifetime with a thoughtful balance of New Perlite technology.



  • High performance cooling tilts
  • Specially formulated for tropical climate grade
  • Tough and durable
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Provides long energy efficiency
  • Easy to installation


Tile variants

1. COOOLA     –Smooth finish

2. COOOLA SD – Studded finish that provide Anti-skid surface


Field of Application

Used for providing  good thermal insulation for outdoor applications such as:

1. COOOLA Tile – All the roof of Commercial buildings, IT complex, Shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitals,Education institutions, Residential buildings, Apartments, Houses etc.,

2. COOOLA SD– All the Flooring of Water Theme parks, around Temples, Mosques, Swimming pools . Buildings – Balcony, Corridor and Roof areas.( Very comfortable for bare foot walking in hot summers.)



Tiles should be fixed with cement, sand bed mortar or tile adhesives.

Tiles may be laid with a gap of minimum 6 mm between each other by using spacers and this gap will ensure proper filling of weatherproof / waterproof tile grout.