Weatherproof Tile

ALTRA tileis aneconomical gradeenvironmental friendly cooling tile. It is 2 layer solid tiles, top layer 4-5mm of Perlite with Fibre reinforcement with bottom layer 10-11mm of exfoliated vermiculite mixed with M25 Grade concrete. This is extremely innovative for the building sector and cost effectives. This cooling roof tiles on the roof of building can reduce inside ceiling temperature by 6°C – 9°C.



  • Specially designed for tropical climate grade
  • Tough and durable
  • Good heat resistance
  • Provides long energy efficiency
  • Usable terrace space
  • Easy to installation


Field of Application

Used for providing  good thermal insulation for outdoor applications such as:

Ø  All the roof of Commercial buildings, IT complex, Shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Education institutions, Residential buildings, Apartments, Houses etc.,




Thickness MM 15 15 15
Size: Width X Length MM 250 X 250 300 X 300 250 X 250
Weight Kg 2.1 Kg/Pc 3.1 kg/Pc 2.1 Kg/Pc
Packing Pc 10Pcs 5 Pcs 10Pcs
Colour   White White White

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